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About tandem

At tandem, these are the things we do best.

Today's relentless need for fresh creative on a daily basis to stay competitve and keep your audience's attention requires a new level of comitment to ongoing creative development. This is where tandem comes in. 

Tandem offers a team of experts in the areas of merchandising and creative development to bring clients the type of senior level advice needed to navigate today's complex selling environment. Combine this with a talented staff who can generate custom graphics, build shopify websites, script commercials and create content and you have a go-to partner that can help keep your brand competitive and successful.

Engage customers

Smart marketing and messaging approaches allow our clients to communicate effectively with customers and attract new audiences.

Build brand loyalty

Engaging creative content is necessary in order to create an attractive and dynamic digital presence - one that will draw customers in and build brand loyalty.

Increase average order value

Proper merchandising is key to maximize your average ticket per customer. We create smart offer tactics that get the most out of every sale.